Mikouabo · Ekabo · Nakayo ·Woezon

Restaurant · Bar · Pizzeria · Barbecue
Freibad · Tropischer Garten
Konferenzraum ·Wifi
La Marina Pk 10
Cotonou · Benin



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Other attractions in include a restored mansion of Brazilian slavers the  Maison du Brésil art galery, a  voodoo python temple, an early twentieth century basilica and the Sacred Forest of Kpasse, dotted with bronze statues.The Slave road “ Route des Esclaves”, by which slaves were taken to the beach, has numerous statues and  monuments , including the  Door of No Return, a  memorial arch.Ouidah is the spiritual capital of the  Vodun Religion, and hosts an annual international Vodun conference on 10 th. Of january.World Heritage Status This site Door of No Returrn was added to the UNESCO World Heritage Tentative List on 31 October 1996 in the Cultural category.